Trail Status Update

We are open from FN13 via 104C to FN84 through to FN82 (Minor’s Sugarhouse). You can access the Fletcher General Store from FN87 (FN89 side is not yet passable by the Tucker). Tuesday we will continue cutting from FN82 hoping to reach LE32. Next weekend we will...


Early Bird TMA discount ends tomorrow! Save $25 purchasing before December 16th. Both the Fletcher General Store and L&L Sales in Bakersfield have TMA’s. And our next Club meeting is December 19th at 7:00 pm at the Fletcher Union Meeting House.

Greetings from VAST!

Greetings from VAST Headquarters! The 2013-2014 snowmobile season is upon us and the signs of a promising season are everywhere. The Thanksgiving blast of frigid air and snow accumulation is only the beginning of building a solid trail base that will ensure a smooth...